Abstract Submission

Important Dates

Sessions (Topics)

No. Session Title No. Session Title
TS01 Nanotechnology for Energy Harvesting TS09 Nanomedicine
TS02 Nanomaterials for the Next-Generation Batteries TS10 Nanoelectronic and Quantum Devices
TS03 Nanotechnology for Eco-friendly Energy TS11 Nanophotonics and its Applications
TS04 Hybrid Nanomaterials for Next Generation Convergence Technology TS12 Sustainable Process and Nanomaterials
TS05 Nanomaterials for Extreme Environments and Applications TS13 Nanofabrication Process and Platform
TS06 Nanomaterials and Emerging Technologies for Next Generation Sensors TS14 Nanometric Metrology and Computation
TS07 Nanomaterials for Biotechnology TS15 Nanotechnology in EHS(Environment, Health, Safety) & Standardization
TS08 Nanomaterials for Healthcare Devices TS16 Computational Materials and Data Science for Nanotechnology
Special ACS Nano Summit 2024: Emerging Materials for Future Nanotechnology * Only Poster

Guideline for Abstract Submission

Each presenter must submit their abstract to the on-line abstract submission system after signing up their own account. Please prepare your abstract in both MS Word and PDF format for the submission. When you download the abstract template as below, you can see the format of abstracts in detail and check how to make abstracts appropriately.

STEP 1 Click the “Abstract Submission" button below.
STEP 2 Sign up and Login
STEP 3 Submit your abstract in both MS Word and PDF format.
STEP 4 After the abstract submission, the corresponding author will receive the confirmation letter from the NANO KOREA 2024 secretariat within a week by e-mail.
STEP 5 Submitted abstract will be reviewed by the program committee and assigned to an appropriate oral or poster session. And the presenter and corresponding author will be notified of acceptance of abstract by email.
STEP 6 Presenters whose abstracts are accepted must complete online registration by June 5(Wed.), 2024.

If the author doesn’t register within June 5(Wed.), 2024, the abstract submission will be cancelled.

Guideline for Presentation

  • Invited Session: Presentation in English for 30 min (Q&A included)
  • Oral Session: Presentation in English for 15 min (Q&A included)

Details of the presentation guideline will be provided later

Abstract Template

Title Capitalize the first letter of the first word in a title.

(Ex. Nanomaterials and Emerging Technologies for Next Generation Sensors)

Author Information
  • Name: Write first and family name(s).
  • Affiliation: Write in order of Institution(Full name), Country.
  • Email
Abstract Abstracts should not contain the following; Headers, Footers, and Page numbers
  • Listed in the following style.
    H. R. Jones and M. K. Wiles, J. Phys. Chem. 78, 8356 (1999)
    J. M. Cowley, Diffraction Physics, Elsevier, Amsterdam (1995)
  • Do not use the phrased ‘ibid.’ ‘op.cit.’ and ‘et al.’ in the reference section.
    Instead, the names of all authors in a reference must be listed.
Tables and Images Tables or Images are not allowed.